Club Awards

Lily L. Lo Distinguished Service Award

This trophy is awarded each fall to a Club member who has provided exceptional volunteer service in the form of a helpful cooperative attitude, participation in Club activities, and general overall contributions to serving and improving the Club for the rest of its members. The Award committee who votes for the winner is comprised of past winners.

2016: Larry DePaul & Kelly Merrick
2017: Gordon Nichols
2018: Gary Oakes
2019: Julie & Ivan Little
2020: Nate Haugen
2021: Aman Singh
2022: Shawn Macfarlane
2023:  Alana and Joe Zittel

Larry Calvert Handler of the Year Award

The Larry Calvert Handler of the Year Award was created to recognize and celebrate dedication, commitment and success in training by one member of our Club each year.  It is named after Larry Calvert, a nationally recognized and very well-respected, long-time trainer and handler of Labs at the highest level of testing.  He and his wife Anna trained and campaigned field trial Labs for decades with great success.  They owned FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC-GMPR-MHR Jazztime Last Chance v Pekisko (“Chance”), the very first FC/AFC Lab to earn a GMPR title.  Larry and Anna have been strong supporters of the APLA and our Club.  After Larry’s passing in 2018, the Board decided that we wanted to create an award to honor him and his dedication to the dogs. So with Anna Calvert’s blessing, the Larry Calvert Handler of the Year Award will be given to the handler and dog team who have shown significant improvements over the preceding year.  This can be in the form of titles, hunting experiences, and participation in training days.   Club members vote for the winner each year and the trophy is awarded in the spring of the following year.

2019: Kevin Merrick
2020: Al Merlich
2021:  not awarded
2022:  Rosemary Banducci                 
2023:  Alana Zittel