Welcome to the Northwest Pointing Labrador Club!   We are owners, breeders, trainers, hunters, hunt trial enthusiasts, and dog lovers living in the Pacific Northwest, who are dedicated to training, hunting, and promoting naturally pointing purebred Labrador Retrievers as the ideal versatile gun dog.

NWPLC’s goals are to:

  1. Identify and promote a strain of purebred Labrador Retriever that points game as a natural act while retaining the Labrador’s traditional superior ability to retrieve game on land and in water.
  2. Promote favorable regional exposure in the Pacific Northwest for Pointing Labradors.
  3. Encourage more youth participation in the sport of training and hunting over Pointing Labradors.
  4. Sponsor APLA Certification, Advanced, and Master level tests to identify Pointing Labradors and to judge their abilities.
  5. Promote ethical and effective breeding and training of Pointing Labradors.
  6. Promote sharing of information and training among members of the club.

Here’s a March 31, 2018 interview Gary Oakes did with John Kruse of Northwestern Outdoors Radio promoting our Club and PL’s.


Welcome to the Northwest Pointing Labrador Club.   Our Board of Directors through 2021 are as follows:

Don Banducci – President (Jan 2020-Dec 2021).  Don lives in La Pine, OR, and has served on the APLA Board of Directors on the Judges and Marketing commissions.  He has served on our Board since 2017, and was elected President in 2020.  Don runs in HRC, AKC, and APLA hunt tests.

Julie Moore – Vice President (Jan 2021-Dec 2022). Julie lives near Spokane, WA and owns Shade Tree Kennels.  She currently serves on the American Pointing Labrador Association’s (APLA) Board of Directors and on the APLA Marketing commission and Judges commission.  She was one of our Club’s co-founders, served as our first Club President from 2014-2018 and was elected VP in 2020.

Lily Lo – Secretary/Treasurer (Jan 2021-Dec 2022). Lily lives in Centralia, WA and currently serves on the American Pointing Labrador Association’s (APLA’s) Hunt Test Committee and is Secretary on the APLA Board of Directors.  Together with Julie Moore and Marlana Smith, she co-founded the Club in 2014.

Warren Baylinson – Board member (Jan 2020-Dec 2021).  Warren lives in Marysville, WA and is relatively new to the world of pointing Labs but is an enthusiastic learner.

Gary Oakes – Board member (Jan 2020-Dec 2021).  Gary has been a member of the Club since close to its inception.  He lives in Renton, WA currently but is planning to retire in Spokane.

Joe Colello – Board member (Jan 2021-Dec 2022).  Joe, a retired anesthesiologist, is one of our most recent additions to the Board.  He and his red dog Reggie compete in APLA, HRC, and AKC events.

Aman Singh – Board member (Jan 2021-Dec 2022).  Aman is a relative newcomer to the world of pointing Labs but has jumped in with both feet, proving to be a selfless volunteer for our Club and also a computer whiz, designing the new database for the APLA.

Joe Colello

Aman Singh

Julie Moore

Don Banducci

Gary Oakes

Warren Baylinson

Lily Lo