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Any litters advertised here belong to members of the NWPLC and are listed for informational purposes only.  NWPLC takes no responsibility for any of the litters/pups or any transactions that may occur between breeders and potential new puppy owners.  We advise potential owners to research breeders, sires, dams, and any prior litters.


SIRE:  GMPR Tiger Mtn’s Honest Abe MH (“Link”)
AKC REG: SS10382801 / UKC REG: R-288-980
ELBOWS OFA:  LR-EL101144M27-PI (normal)
HIPS OFA: LR-252692G27M-PI (good)
Pawprints Genetics Essential Panel:  all clear

DAM:  SHR Waterdogs Eb Just Dandy Sweet Wheelin JH (“Dandy”)
AKC REG:  SS02188403/ UKC REG: R308-862
OFA HIPS: LR-244600G26F-VPI (good)
OFA ELBOWS: LR-EL93670F26-VPI (normal)
Genetic testing:
-EIC clear
-Cystinuria clear
-PRA clear
-HNPK clear
-DM carrier
-CNM clear

PEDIGREE (click on link):  Link_x_Dandy_pedigree

PRICE:  $1500

Little boy

Little boy


Little girl

Little girl


 Contact Beth Fontenot 360-523-3892 or Andy Fontenot 985-640-1178 for information